Our Mission

We are Upper Ojai residents who stayed home and fought the Thomas Fire. We knew people were hungry like us, so we organized a pot-luck pancake  breakfast at the Summit while the fire was still going.

  We did not plan  on it, but we actually cut line immediately after the breakfast was  over!  We had leftover breakfast food and donations.  We delivered it  out of the back my truck to hungry families, firefighters and first  responders while we were running around Upper Ojai putting out fires

  The pot-luck pancake breakfast has not stopped and has now taken over  the Stagecoach.  Sorry Nick Payne (Stagecoach Owner) I know I just asked  you to store some extra water in the corner.  

Let’s keep it roaring  Upper Ojai!  Our mission is to connect those who lost everything with  immediate supplies and help. If you are a fire victim, please come to  the Stagecoach Station, 12679 Ojai Road and find out how we can help  you.