Funds Distribution

Giving Away $75,000

We appreciate your understanding in the process of the Upper Ojai Relief

Board and our decisions as we distribute funds. We made every effort to take

various factors into consideration to be fair and impactful to Upper Ojai

residents who suffered a loss from the Thomas Fire. We aim to continue the

Upper Ojai Relief efforts at our relief station and beyond, and we are

hopeful that the in-person contact and boots-on- the-ground work carried out

by this effort is what has been and will continue to be the most impactful

part in recovering from the Thomas Fire.

Let’s continue to rise together!

Upper Ojai Relief is giving away $75,000 to Upper Ojai residents

effected by the Thomas Fire.

There are two criteria:

1) You live or lived between the Santa Paula and Boccali’s

restaurant roadblocks

2) Your home, rental home, or property was completely or

partially destroyed

Deadline to return completed application: February 21 st , 2018

Distribution will start: February 22nd, 2018

Applications can be found:

1) At the station

2) On our website download lnk below.

3) Email us at and we will

send you one

Return completed application and proof of residence:

1) Drop off to station and sign that it was received

2) Email to